5 reasons to digitize the B2B Sales Experience in Fashion

Technology is finally taking over fashion. B2B Sales is an area experiencing one of the biggest changes and for a reason: this model hasn't changed for almost half a century. ...

Technology is finally taking over fashion. B2B Sales is an area experiencing one of the biggest changes and for a reason: this model hasn't changed for almost half a century. Luckily for us, technology has developed steadily and brands have many options to digitize their B2B sales experience. Following the tech trend feels easier now, but only if you understand why you'll be able to keep up the pace in the future. These reasons will make you want to go digital in B2B, B2C and anywhere in your business.


1. Increase sales team productivity with digital tools

If you are digitizing your B2B sales experience, sales teams need to be part of it. This kind of process requires such a change for your salesforce, that whatever you do, do it together with them. There will be learnings along the way that can't be deciphered without sales teams in the mix. When going digital, sales teams become more productive in 3 ways:

  1. They prepare more appointments in less time without needing the physical space to prepare an assortment.
  2. They need less time to meet with customers as the entire collection is always available digitally.
  3. They use digital content to create more focused assortments, helping B2B customers buy more in-depth, increasing productivity per SKU

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2. B2B Customers can buy from you anywhere, anytime

A digital B2B Sales Experience doesn't need a physical space. This helps buyers access your brand in more ways than just one, removing the requirement to visit a physical space to do so. In addition, this encourages brands to think of the best B2B sales strategies across each customer segment. 

Physical showrooms aren't discarded in today's digital sales. They are being upgraded using digital tools and content. This creates a more cohesive experience for B2B buyers, transforming showrooms from a "show of racks" into a "show of stories".

3. Embrace a digital mindset in your business 

Implementing technology isn't the first step in digitizing the B2B Sales Experience. Sales teams must be involved first so when technology comes they can make the most of it. They can create value. When sales create value using technology, their relationship with technology changes. They become digital and that's where growth accelerates for fashion brands. A digital mindset accelerates growth in 3 areas:

  1. Teams adopt new technologies faster, increasing adaptability to change and reducing onboarding costs.
  2. Teams are more invested in technology developments, accelerating the implementation rate.
  3. Teams will use technology more often, and that increases efficiency and boosts value generation for brands.

4. Reduce the carbon footprint of your B2B operations

Traditional B2B Sales aren't sustainable and that's mostly due to producing physical samples. Samples are short-lived, inefficiently produced, and almost never a representation of the final product. Going digital in the B2B sales experience opens the door to produce fewer samples, reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Going digital is key to reduce carbon emissions by producing fewer samples and also by shipping fewer samples across the world. A digital B2B sales experience can be accessed by customers anywhere and that means fewer carbon emissions due to travel. Digital and sustainability are more than ever tied together. 

5. Strengthen your brand positioning across channels

In recent times we've seen brands shifting to a direct-to-consumer model to regain control of their positioning. Not every brand has the ability to keep a relevant digital presence without partnering with wholesale and marketplace brands. 

Digital can help become omni-channel beasts thanks to digital content. Brands can create B2C-like campaigns that hook B2B customers and that translates into more cohesive, brand-aware buys. Brand-driven assortments mean marketing campaigns are more relevant in B2B channels, giving end consumers a better experience no matter where they buy. 

There are enough reasons to digitize your B2B sales experience and it all starts with working closely to your team to pay attention to their needs, promoting change from within. Ready for the next step? Here are some tips to help you decide on a Digital Showroom.