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Discover what PVH learned after one year of selling digitally using the Stitch Showroom in this sales uplift report.


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After one year of selling digitally, PVH was shocked by the results of this report, conducted by Boston Consulting Group. 

Read this report if: 

  • You want to run digital wholesale sales.
  • You worry about how buyers may react to buying digitally

  • Your sales team is hesitant to sell digitally

Learn how digital sales uplifts your sell-in game:

How it makes you more productive

How it makes your buyer confident


How it makes your brand stronger

“The Stitch Showroom was the ignition for our digital journey. It has changed the way we think about the fashion value chain and the need for digital transformation"

– Martijn Hagman, CEO Tommy Hilfiger


Stitch is the digital showroom for admin-free sell-in

The Stitch Showroom automates all unwanted admin during sell-in so your team can focus on growing revenue, not updating prices or downloading the latest catalog.  


Automatic updates

Your presentation refreshes with the latest available data before you open it 


Central Library

Find all sales materials in one catalog, from marketing look books to prices


Smart filters

Find any product in seconds with powerful search and live filters

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