No sample,
No sale?
No more!

Reduce physical samples in your sell-in process while increasing team productivity with our Sample Reduction Guide.


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The right balance between digital content and physical samples can accelerate your sell-in revenue if you know how to find it.  

Read this guide if:

  • You want to run digital wholesale sales.
  • You want to cut sample production costs.
  • Sales are worried about not using physical samples.
  • Customers have control over the assortment selection.

You'll learn to use fewer samples by:

Defining your content needs per collection segment

Planning reduction strategies per product category


Identifying products that shouldn't be  sampled

“We have been very impressed by the combination of technology and the human touch, and how Stitch puts the brand first in a digital way so that the Stitch Showroom feels completely HAVAIANAS®.”

– Merel Werners, Marketing Director Global HAVAIANAS

Merel Werners

The digital showroom for sustainable brands. 

The Stitch Showroom offers a buying experience where physical samples aren't mandatory. 


Shop the look

Highlight your key products in marketing materials with linking tools


3D viewer

Show every detail of your garments using interactive 3D samples


High-res Streaming

Share your collection across the world without loss of quality or color

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