Learning to sell remotely, remotely

Discover what's behind Havaianas' wholesale success in this case study about their transition to digital sales with the Stitch Showroom.

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Havaianas put sales at the center of its digital wholesale transformation and the results proved them right. 

Read the case study if: 

  • You want to run digital wholesale sales.
  • You sell across multiple regions
  • You work with agents or distributors
  • Sales are hesitant to move to digital

This is what you will learn from Havaianas:

Differences between conventional and hybrid onboarding 

Tips to involve sales teams during the implementation


Six onboarding phases to increase sales adoption

“We have been very impressed by the combination of technology and the human touch, and how Stitch puts the brand first in a digital way so that the Stitch Showroom feels completely HAVAIANAS®.”

– Merel Werners, Marketing Director Global HAVAIANAS

Merel Werners

Stitch is the digital showroom chosen by Havaianas 

Havaianas uses the Stitch Showroom to host sales meetings in the showroom, remotely, or a combination of both.  


Custom Catalogs

Segment your collection based on customer, region, or price group.


Video Calling

Jump on a call with your customer right within the app without distractions


High-res Streaming

Share your collection across the world without loss on quality or color