10 Tips To Run a Remote Sales Meeting

Have you ever caught yourself combing your hair in your Zoom preview wondering how long you've been looking at yourself? Guess what, you're not the only one. A recent survey ...

Have you ever caught yourself combing your hair in your Zoom preview wondering how long you've been looking at yourself? Guess what, you're not the only one. A recent survey amongst more than 1000 knowledge worker respondents, commissioned by Miro, shows that we spend between 20-50% of our video calling time looking at ourselves instead of at the people we're speaking with

In our webinar on 'How to make remote selling in fashion a success', we've invited a group of experts from the field of remote sales appointments and storytelling and asked them for some useful tips & tricks on how they make remote sales successful.

Here are 10 expert tips to keep remote sales appointments engaging, fun, and effective. The top-ranking tip by far is how to battle the new remote phenomenon: Zoom fatigue. 

Additional bonus disclaimer: we've included the insights brought to us by our live audience as well!

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1. Avoid the Zoom Fatigue

Suffering from Zoom fatigue and getting tired of being distracted by yourself? Hide the distraction! Minimize your self-view in your video conferencing tool (whether that be Zoom, Teams, or Stitch Connect), so you're not faced with your own lockdown tattered face the whole day. If the VC tool you're using doesn't have a minimize option, go old school and use a post-it to cover your self-view. 

2. Stay Active

How to keep your buyers activated through a day(s) long buying session? By staying active yourself. Try standing up during your appointments, so as to activate your brain into thinking "it's time for action!". How active and energized you feel during the appointment will radiate through the screen to your buyers. Look at it like an energy boomerang of sorts.

3. Talk with your hands

When we hold face-to-face conversations, we naturally tend to express with our hands while communicating. So when you have a remote appointment, be sure to make use of that and keep your jazz hands in view. An added bonus is that by doing this, it will also make you sound more active. And thus trigger your buyers to stay more engaged while listening to you.

4. Find new ways to communicate

Looking for new and different ways to communicate with your buyers, leading up to your appointment besides the usual emails and calendar invitations? Start sending videos! It's a quick and easy way of already introducing the new collection. And for new customers, it's a great way to say and show something about yourself. Trust us, it will be an unexpected surprise for them that will make them feel special and appreciated.

5. Switch up your setting

Always remain aware of what your buyer is seeing on screen. So that's not just you, but also your background. Try to work with your setting in a conscious way. Show something personal so you have a conversation starter. Or change up your setting for appointments with the customers you know well.

6. Keep it short(er)!

In stead of holding remote appointments that take hours and hours, try to keep them shorter and more targeted, so as to ensure you retain the attention of your buyers.

7. Offline Breaks

 If your appointment runs longer anyway, or is even scheduled over multiple days, be sure to plan in plenty of (coffee) breaks. This way you and your buyers have time to step away from the screen and have some off-screen and offline time.

8. Strong WiFi

Do you have shaky WiFi? Forget about it and plug it in! Ethernet cables may be so very 2000s... But hey, if it works, it works.

9. WFH Gadgets

Invest in some good equipment so that you can be the best on-screen version of yourself. Such as a quality webcam that you can effortlessly position at eye level (so as to avoid that awkward bottom-up view of yourself), or a good headset that doesn't pick up the sounds of your surroundings.

10. Camera is Always On

Let's close the loop for this one. When we say "minimize your self-view", we don't mean turn your camera off. Always keep your camera on during your appointments, so the buyer on the other end of the screen doesn't feel like they're talking to a brick wall (or a glass screen for that matter).  

Okay folks, that's it: our top 10 expert tips on how to elevate your remote sales game to the next level. Of course, you can cherry pick any or curate the best to suit your style of remote selling, meeting, strategizing and more. Now the virtual selling stage is your oyster!