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•   Deep dives into the foundations of 3D for apparel
•   Discover challenges and opportunities of 3D in the fashion industry
•   Explore how 3D can be implemented across the fashion value chain
•   Understand best practices for 3D to define your own standards and processes

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Easy-to-follow trainings. Trainers that understand fashion and who've experienced the joys and struggles of 3D. Skills that you can put to practice right away. We couldn't find a true fashion alternative, so we created our own!


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Some of our trainings

Stitch Academy Rendering


Learn about rendering through topics like camera and light settings, render engines and which settings influence the quality of your renders.

Stitch Academy Virtual Fit

Virtual Fit 

Let’s explore the relationships between the pattern, simulation settings,  and 3D styling. But also the role they play in the fit of a garment.

Stitch Academy Creating Artworks


Bring artworks to life by making informed decisions about file types, artwork executions, and placements and all over prints.
Stitch Academy 3D Maps


Texture maps form the basis for many principles in 3D: fabrics, artworks, trims, just to name a few. Let’s dive into the characteristics of each map.

...and many, many more!

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